A Patient Neglected At Northwest Medical Center, Of Margate Florida

On May 19, 2014 I Eric J, had to go into the emergency room, at Northwest Medical Center in Margate Florida because it is only a five minute drive. Therefore, I went into the emergency room the street from where I live, because of sharp pains that  I was filling in my stomach. After about four hours, and having several test done including blood, and x rays. The nurse on duty Ms. Ivy, came back to inform me, not the doctor, that I had lung cancer, and I would be admitted into the hospital momentarily. Well with news, I became just in a shock mood. The nurse came back and said I would be admitted to the hospital to have the doctor talk to me about my cancer, and other health issues including high blood pressure. Once in my room, the next day I had a biopsy of my lung the next day. When that day came about, I was instructed that I would not be able to eat any food until after the biopsy, but afterwards I could eat whatever I would like, and all this was confirmed by the female doctor, and her aid. Well, I almost choked to death, based on the doctor stated I could eat,well it was not true.I was suppose to be on a liquid diet. Nonetheless, This hospital was negligent in two ways, and it should not happen again. I won’t be going back there again, and I contacted the hospital with my complaint, Ms. Renee Fletcher, she responded back to me, basically saying in a letter back to me,that the hospital apologies, but because I did not lose a limb, there really was not much they could do. I promised to them, that I will share my story to people to be very cautious if they decide to use this hospital, and always, have witnesses to all your dealings with this hospital. Moreover, hold them accountable to mess ups. One should not have to lose a limb, in order for the hospital to show some interest.


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