How Will The Strong Public Support Be Better utilized, For The Martin Family.

I respect the fact that Robert Zimmerman Jr is trying to reverse the monster mentality, that his brother has felt like, from the media for the last year, but he has to understand, that his brother put himself, and the family in the midst of this circus, and the only way this is going to change for him, despite the verdict, is to be true to what really happen, and not through his brother being his spokesman for the lies that he was told to sell to the public. However, I hope that all the anger that has been garnered around this case, will lead into forgiveness to the Zimmerman family. I have prayed about this, and have asked in spirit, how best to reflect in a positive way in honor of Trayvon. Here is my answer, all that has happen between George Zimmerman, and Trayvon was a joint soul agreement, to shift the consciousness of people, not into the negative state as we are experiencing now, but to a place of forgiveness. Violence against violence is not the answer, and has never been the answer. Look at our past examples, of wars with violence. it was never the answer, so why would the back lash of this case that is leading some to violence be any different, or something that Trayvon would really want. Most of you don’t even know Trayvon including me,

but those who truely know him, his mother,father, and immediate family, know in their heart, outside the anger, frustration, and all of the ego driven stuff, that this is not what he would have wanted, nor what they would want, really. Yes, there still in the pain stage, and someone has to pay, (Continue)…..

but I hope his family will stay in prayer, and will get to that place within themselves, that says what I am feeling right now is my son, and allow that place within you to be the joining together of family, to move past all of this negativity into love, and forgiveness. Moreover, Once the Martin’s go to that place within themselves, and open themselves up to moving in the direction being open for healing, it is there that they will experience something so beautiful and profound, that the feeling there will eventually will lead them to know what their calling is, and know it is their son who is guiding them, to the next faze. The family will have a choice, either to move in the heart space, where Trayvon is, where they can move into the next faze of this tragedy into triumph by setting up a foundation to make sure know other person of color has to go through racial profiling, and work on a bill in the house to combat this, law that can be open season on blacks in Florida, or the other choice is to use his name to support anger, resentment, pay back, and support individuals who are beating up and killing innocent people, because of the verdict. Therefore, here are the choices that the family has to consider, just where they will decide to go with this. The can decide to stop the bleeding, or allow it to continue, in their son’s memory. What ever they decide to do, I suggest they do a press release.


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