I am kind of new to facebook, and

I am kind of new to facebook, and their rules until today. I was recently suspended for 7 days from requesting to make friends with people I personally don’t know, but know their mutual friends.

Here is my issue. I understand we now more than ever live in a very fear base environment, and there are people who are offended in meeting new people. I respect their wishes to not make new friends and continue to live their lives, in a bubble.  However, there are people who are open to coming out of their box and testing the waters in meeting people to be friends with, unfortunately, as of now facebook does not have a ap that says, this person does not know you personally, and he or she don’t want to know you, but through a mutual friend of theirs, this is how this person received your name. Consequently, this is where I stand now, I am being punished by facebook for 7 days for reaching out to make friends with people I personally don’t know, but I am connected with through a mutual friend on my facebook page. As childish as this may be, I respect Facebooks rules on this, however with them being a social networking site, they may want to consider making some changes as a improvement mechanism. What I would ask them to consider updating, would be in the area of making new friends, where it says, Do You Know This Person. What it should say is this, Your name has come up through a mutual friend who is part of this persons facebook page, would you be interested in being friends with this person as well?  The message is specific and know room for confusion. As for me, I enjoy meeting new people, that I initially don’t know.


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